Green Initiatives

Green is more than just our color

At Manhattan Beer Distributors, we know that in order to effect change, we all must contribute. For this reason, we have continuously invested in minimizing our environmental footprint across several areas of our business.

New York State DEP Commissioner visiting Manhattan Beer Distributors' electric truck charging station.
Manhattan Beer Distributors heavy duty electric truck is parked at its charging station.

Electric Delivery Vehicles

Manhattan Beer Distributors was the first customer on the East Coast to purchase Volvo’s VNRe heavy-duty electric trucks. We have also installed 8 electric vehicle chargers at our Bronx headquarters.

Solar Energy

We operate one of the largest, privately-owned Solar Panel Programs in the NYC-area with solar farms installed atop our warehouses in the Bronx, Suffern, and Queens. Altogether, these three facilities supply more than 3 MW of solar power.

Rail Transportation

We receive nearly half of our product by rail, thus annually removing tens of thousands of tractor-trailer trucks from our communities’ streets and highways. We’ve invested in expanding rail service at 3 of our 5 facilities.

Compressed Natural Gas (CNG)

We were the first company in the Northeast to convert a portion of our Diesel-powered fleet to Compressed Natural Gas, or CNG, trucks. Continuing over two decades since the onset of the program, Manhattan Beer Distributors has expanded this fleet, currently operating over 200 CNG delivery trucks as well as 3 private on-site CNG fueling stations. Our communities, customers, and employees can all breathe easier as a result of these low-emission vehicles.

An overhead shot of MBD's compressed natural gas filling station on Long Island.


As a deposit initiator under New York State’s bottle bill, we manage a recycling operation that handles more than 750 million glass and aluminum containers each year. We pick up empty containers from customers and redemption centers, and we ensure that the glass, aluminum, and paper are processed for reuse.